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After Jesus’ resurrection, the bride of Christ, God’s church, began to grow when the Holy Spirit came upon those first believers.  The book of Acts is the holy narrative of the Spirit’s miraculous work in and upon the lives of those first believers to accomplish God’s ultimate mission of reaching the lost world with the message of Hope found in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

The book of Acts is basically the first volume of church history.  In essence, the book of Acts is a narrative, a story, about the birth of God’s church.  Acts is filled with numerous signs and wonders and incredibly awesome stories, from tongues and prophetic words to healing the sick and raising the dead, but they are not the point of the book.  Acts is important because it helps the people of God understand the movement of God as described for us in the Word of God.

In this series, pastor Mark will lead the people of North Pointe to refocus on where God is leading us in regard to what we have always believed and hope to practice, and how that might philosophically and practically shape the future of our church for years to come.