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5300 NW 220th
Edmond, OK, 73025
United States

(405) 348-9935


 Our Name & History

North Pointe started in 1999 as a new church plant of Village Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. Even so, North Pointe began in 1974 as a group of believers set out to form a new work in extreme Northwest Edmond which was originally known as Deer Creek Baptist Church.

But it was in 1997, when the last bi-vocational pastor resigned, that the few faithful members began to pray and discuss the future. they knew God had a special plan for them, but with the edge of the city pressing further west and north, they knew their small rural church was not ready, nor equipped, to meet the needs of a suburban community.

It was during these small prayer meetings that a new vision was birthed in the hearts of those original members, a heart for a new church that could effectively reach and minister to the now growing community.

After much prayer, and through a series of divine events, there was a meeting set up by the membership of Deer Creek Baptist Church about the possibility of Village Baptist Church sponsoring them as a new mission.

Already a well-established, evangelical church, Village Baptist Church felt God was leading them to get involved in an area of missions that was closer to home. Actively involved in work going on internationally, a handful of people began praying about the possibility of establishing a new work in one of the growing areas of the city.

With the resources and people to begin this new work, the leadership of Village Baptist Church committed themselves to stepping through whatever door God chose to open.

In God’s perfect timing, the door was opened when the current leadership of Deer Creek Baptist Church came to the leadership of Village Baptist Church, seeking support for the work they felt God leading them to begin in the area.

With both churches feeling God leading them in this new endeavor, the doors of the old Deer Creek Baptist Church closed on December of 1997, with active members joining Village Baptist church until the new work was ready to begin.

In 1998 a new mission was birthed in the old Deer Creek Baptist Church called Village Baptist North at Deer Creek. Sixty-nine people agree to be a part of this new endeavor. Soon thereafter, the old Deer Creek Baptist Church became North Pointe Baptist Church.

Since forming, North Pointe has had 3 pastors, Mike Fetters (1998-2001), Mark Sinor (2001-2018) and Eric Harris (2018-present).

Many faces have come and gone, and the landscape of North Pointe has changed, but the important task of reaching the area with Gospel of Christ remains at the center of what we do.