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5300 NW 220th
Edmond, OK, 73025
United States

(405) 348-9935

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7-12th Grade

What is the Pointe?

Our MIssion:

                      The Pointe Student Ministry exists to create an environment where students can pursue Christ.

Our Vision:

                       The Pointe student ministry will strive to create an environment that equips and empowers students to...

 SEEK out additional students in our community

CONNECT with Jesus Christ and other believers

GROW in their walk with God

SERVE others

MULTIPLY disciples



           -Modern live youth worship band, real life applicable messages, and life changing small groups.

           -Small Groups:

                   -7th-8th Boys: Ian Riley and Kerry Rice

-7-8th Girls: Emily Harris and Janna Hawkes

-9th Boys: Austin Calise and Luke Willis

-9th Girls: Christy Gwartney and Sabrina Calise

10-11th Boys: Jerrod Roberts and Eric Caudill

-10-11th Girls: Drenda Roberts, Ann Schlotthauer, and Edie Lindgren

                   -12th Boys: Blake Bradley and Aaron Gwartney 

-12th Girls: Kristi Thomas and Marta Sinor

        SUNDAY MORNING- 9:30-10:15 AM

            -9-9:30- Fellowship

  -9:30-10:15- Age specific groups that help bring the Bible to life and applying it to everyday life

            -Connecting Groups:

                   -7-8th Grade: Ian Riley and Cassidy Litz

-9th Grade: JD and Amy Gwartney/Eric and Jennifer Caudill

-10-11th Grade: Steve and Chris Clark/Pete and Sarah Sweger

                   -12th Grade: Blake Bradley


Falls Creek '19 (7-12th Grade)

Students who have completed 6-7th grade will be going to Falls Creek July 15-20, 2019. More info coming soon!

Super Summer '19 (Student Leaders)

Super Summer is a leadership camp held at OBU in Shawnee, OK June 3-7, 2019. The students who have to fulfill requirements to go which will begin in January '18. More info coming soon!

Small Group Activities

At least once every three months each one of our Wednesday night small groups plan a small group activity to build unity and for outreach. Here is a list of some of this past years small group activities:

-Tim Hawkins concert (7/8th guys and girls)              -Paint Ball (9th Guys)                                  -Girls slumber party (10-12th Girls)
-Paint Ball (10th Guys)                                                  -Bedlam Watch Party (7/8th Guys)             -Pole position speedway (11-12th guys)



-Moxie (girls retreat)                                               -Mission Activities                                      -Campus Clubs
-Dudes UnLeashed (guys retreat)                         -Dnow Retreat                                           -Shift (6th Grade welcome activity)
-Pineapple Mayhem (Back to school party)         -Super Bowl at the Pointe                         -Last Hurrah (Senior retreat)
-Bricktown Scavenger Hunt                                  -Small group activities every quarter       -Missions Weekend